Traveling Man

March 21, 2010

I have been on the road for a month now and am ready to be home.  Actually I have been in Denver for a month working including the weekends.  More than ready to be home!! Miss the wife, the kids, the grandkids, the dog, the neighbors, and the home!!  Like Dorothy says “Toto – there is no place like home!”

One huge problem when you are traveling is what you don’t get done at home.  Just before I left noticed one of the toliets does not quite shut off and the outside faucet on the patio leaks a little when I turn it on – probably because of he record low temperatures in February.  Also, I need to do taxes bad.  On top of all that Spring has arrived in Dallas and I need to be digging up winter plants, putting in the Summer plants.  While I am on the subject of landscapes I need to do something permanent to the  Northeast corner of the house landscape!  And no telling what my better half has not told me because she does not want me to worry.

So farewell beautiful Denver, but I am more than ready to be Home!