Yucca Plant Blooming

September 27, 2010

I have fallen in love with yucca plants.  This is one blooming in my backyard.  The photo was taken early in the morning yesterday with a very heavy due.  Yuccas are the prefect landscape plant for lazy gardeners. You never have to trim yucca plants and they grow very slowly so you don’t have to chop them down after 10 years because they have overtaken your landscape.  Rabbits don’t eat them and my dog stays clear of them.  What more could you ask for?

I have 5 in my backyard now around the pool  which is about the limit the landscape will stand without appearing to look like the Painted Desert.  They tend to bloom in the fall and do so rapidly.  The stalk grows out of the Yucca and produces blooms in about a week.

There are many different varieties.  I am growing what is commonly called soft leaf yucca which is a relative term.  The leaves are pretty darn hard and stiff but compared to some other yuccas they are really “soft”.

Football Saturday in Texas

September 20, 2010

Cale's game - 7 year olds

Our day started out watching the grandson play tackle football.  In Texas 7 year olds pay tackle football.  Seems a bit too young to me.  His team did not do too good today.  Looked like the parents and coaches were taking the loss much harder than the kids.  Something for us adults to learn — Playing the game is more important than winning!!

Then we drove 3.5 hours to College Station for the Texas A&M vs. FIU game.  Talk about different ends of the pendulum.  Just parents and friends at the 7 year old game.  80,000 crazy Aggies  at the A&M game.  Most of them clad in Maroon.  The game was a comedy of errors.  Jerod Johnson (A&M quarterback) threw 4 interceptions and the FIU Panthers lead 20-6 late in the third quarter.

Big crowd for A&M vs. FIU

As soon as the drunk single guys with the foul mouths got fed up and left Jerod quit throwing interceptions and the Aggies scored 21 straight points. Thanks Jerod, you drove the drunk single guys with the foul mouths away! The Aggies won and we drove home to Dallas.  Home in bed at 2AM.  The end of a football Saturday in Texas!  I am getting too old for this.

The party (vacation) is over… and the road never ends

September 17, 2010

The party (vacation) is over.  I have been back at work for a week now and regardless of all my good intentions to work less and have a life I am back in the same routine as before vacation.  I word 11-12 hours every day regularly and come in on the weekends.  I can’t come in tomorrow (Saturday) because we are going to watch the beloved Aggies beat up on some school called FSU!!!!

I did not post any photos of the last two days of our vacation.  We spent both days driving from Flagstaff to Dallas with an overnight layover in Amarillo.  Almost the entire distance from Flagstaff to Dallas is part of the Southern Great Plans.  They are beautiful and impressive in their own unique way but you cannot capture the aura in a photo.  They are just too expansive.  You would need a 360 degree panorama shot.  Traveling through the Great Plains I can understand why the 1st settlers passed through them as quickly as possible to get to the mountains.  Oh what a relief it must have been to actually see and touch a tree again after months of traveling through a flat plain with no vegetation except grass.

… and the road never ends.  I am ready to plan our next trip.  Where should we go?

Cliff Dwellings

September 11, 2010

Cliff Dwelling Ruins

Visited Sanagua Indian cliff dwelling ruins today.  Sanagua is Spanish for “without water”. The Indians abandoned these dwellings around 1250 A.D.  Of course no one is sure why.  The ruins are about 1/2 way up a cliff in Walnut Canyon.  The main reason they built here was for safety.  There is no way you could sneak up to this place.  On the other hand they had to climb out of the canyon to raise corn and hunt.  Likewise, they had to descend to the bottom of the canyon for water.

After visiting the ruins we drove into Flagstaff and watched a movie (The American).  I was expecting a George Clooney action movie.  Boy was I in for a surprise.  This is a great movie if you like to watch George Clooney do nothing and if you don’t like happy endings.  On the upside the girl was a “10”.

Heading home tomorrow.  However, we are stopping in Amarillo Saturday night and then onto beautiful Fairview on Sunday.

Sedona Rocks!

September 9, 2010

Red rocks abound in Sedona

Blue Skies and Red Rocks are plentiful in Sedona.  Today we drove from Flagstaff to Sedona via Oak Creek Canyon Road which is quite a pleasant drive if you don’t mind sheer drop offs of a 1000 feet or so.  Ate lunch at Sedona and drove around taking photos.  I wanted to go on a hike and find one of the famed “Vortexes of Power” that Sedona is famous for but I hurt my knee hiking in Pagosa Springs and Gwen cannot take the Sunshine (vampire syndrome).

We had lunch at Oaxaca’s in Sedona.  It is Mexican cuisine and very good.  I would recommend it to anyone traveling through Sedona.

4 Corners

September 9, 2010

Standing on 4 Corners

Drove from Pagosa Springs to Flagstaff today.  Stopped at the 4 Corners.  Gwen is in Utah with one foot in Arizona and one in Colorado.  new Mexico is left out.

Alley House Restaurant

September 8, 2010

Best restaurant in Pagosa Springs

The reason I can talk Gwen into coming back to this town is the Alley House restaurant.  Tonight she ordered the most exotic meal I have ever seen her order.  Ask her about it.