Cliff Dwellings

Cliff Dwelling Ruins

Visited Sanagua Indian cliff dwelling ruins today.  Sanagua is Spanish for “without water”. The Indians abandoned these dwellings around 1250 A.D.  Of course no one is sure why.  The ruins are about 1/2 way up a cliff in Walnut Canyon.  The main reason they built here was for safety.  There is no way you could sneak up to this place.  On the other hand they had to climb out of the canyon to raise corn and hunt.  Likewise, they had to descend to the bottom of the canyon for water.

After visiting the ruins we drove into Flagstaff and watched a movie (The American).  I was expecting a George Clooney action movie.  Boy was I in for a surprise.  This is a great movie if you like to watch George Clooney do nothing and if you don’t like happy endings.  On the upside the girl was a “10”.

Heading home tomorrow.  However, we are stopping in Amarillo Saturday night and then onto beautiful Fairview on Sunday.


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