The party (vacation) is over… and the road never ends

The party (vacation) is over.  I have been back at work for a week now and regardless of all my good intentions to work less and have a life I am back in the same routine as before vacation.  I word 11-12 hours every day regularly and come in on the weekends.  I can’t come in tomorrow (Saturday) because we are going to watch the beloved Aggies beat up on some school called FSU!!!!

I did not post any photos of the last two days of our vacation.  We spent both days driving from Flagstaff to Dallas with an overnight layover in Amarillo.  Almost the entire distance from Flagstaff to Dallas is part of the Southern Great Plans.  They are beautiful and impressive in their own unique way but you cannot capture the aura in a photo.  They are just too expansive.  You would need a 360 degree panorama shot.  Traveling through the Great Plains I can understand why the 1st settlers passed through them as quickly as possible to get to the mountains.  Oh what a relief it must have been to actually see and touch a tree again after months of traveling through a flat plain with no vegetation except grass.

… and the road never ends.  I am ready to plan our next trip.  Where should we go?


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