Football Saturday in Texas

Cale's game - 7 year olds

Our day started out watching the grandson play tackle football.  In Texas 7 year olds pay tackle football.  Seems a bit too young to me.  His team did not do too good today.  Looked like the parents and coaches were taking the loss much harder than the kids.  Something for us adults to learn — Playing the game is more important than winning!!

Then we drove 3.5 hours to College Station for the Texas A&M vs. FIU game.  Talk about different ends of the pendulum.  Just parents and friends at the 7 year old game.  80,000 crazy Aggies  at the A&M game.  Most of them clad in Maroon.  The game was a comedy of errors.  Jerod Johnson (A&M quarterback) threw 4 interceptions and the FIU Panthers lead 20-6 late in the third quarter.

Big crowd for A&M vs. FIU

As soon as the drunk single guys with the foul mouths got fed up and left Jerod quit throwing interceptions and the Aggies scored 21 straight points. Thanks Jerod, you drove the drunk single guys with the foul mouths away! The Aggies won and we drove home to Dallas.  Home in bed at 2AM.  The end of a football Saturday in Texas!  I am getting too old for this.


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