Yucca Plant Blooming

I have fallen in love with yucca plants.  This is one blooming in my backyard.  The photo was taken early in the morning yesterday with a very heavy due.  Yuccas are the prefect landscape plant for lazy gardeners. You never have to trim yucca plants and they grow very slowly so you don’t have to chop them down after 10 years because they have overtaken your landscape.  Rabbits don’t eat them and my dog stays clear of them.  What more could you ask for?

I have 5 in my backyard now around the pool  which is about the limit the landscape will stand without appearing to look like the Painted Desert.  They tend to bloom in the fall and do so rapidly.  The stalk grows out of the Yucca and produces blooms in about a week.

There are many different varieties.  I am growing what is commonly called soft leaf yucca which is a relative term.  The leaves are pretty darn hard and stiff but compared to some other yuccas they are really “soft”.


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