First music I remember

What are the first 3 songs that come to mind when you think of your childhood – younger than Junior High?

For me it is:
  • Peter and the Wolf – parents had it on 45s and played it for at least me a lot.  I happened to hear a snippet of it a while back and all the memories came flooding back.: East house, funny carpet on the living room floor, taking a bath on Saturday night in the portable tub in the Dining room because we did not get an inside bathroom until I was in 6th grade, the party phone on the wall with a different ring for each of the 13 subscribers, Uncle Julius, the old black 47 Plymouth.   I just listened to Peter and the Wolf this afternoon and it is as good as ever.
  • Ghost Riders in the Sky – Laying on the floor of the East house listening to it – Vaughn Monroe I think.  Don’t know why I remember this one but it popped into my head.
  • You are my Sunshine – my mother sang it all the time.  I don’t know who she was singing about? I remember her singing it while making soap our of pig lard at the East house.

What are yours?


One Response to First music I remember

  1. Jim says:

    peter and the wolf is still one of my favorites.
    We took Jack to see a play downtown of Peter and the wolf

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