Florence Duomo

January 29, 2011

Florence Duomo

Writing this on a perfect Saturday afternoon with the temperature in the 70s in January.  Heaven won’t last long – A blue Northern is coming Tuesday and the temperatures are supposed to drop into the teens!  Today got me thinking about taking a trip and remembering our best vacation.  In 2002 we visited Florence, Salzburg, and Munich.   This is the Florence Domo.  If I lived in the Middle Ages in Italy I would have been in awe of places like this.  They are huge and beautiful.  I am ready to go back.  Next time I will publish a photo of the interior of another Domo which is just as breathtaking.

Took this with a Pentax MX camera using Kodachrome.  Long live Kodachrome!  Scanned it into the computer with an Epson scanner.  Not half shabby.

Snowing in Dallas (er Fairview)

January 9, 2011

Snow on Heritage Ranch 16th

Snowing today in Fairview!  We don’t see snow often here but when it does everything stops.  Good day to watch football playoff games.

We are experiencing typical Texas Winter weather this weekend.  Friday was near 70% without a cloud in the sky – a perfect January day in Texas.  On Saturday we only reached into the mid 50%s but still not a cloud in the sky. We awoke this morning to drizzle and 35% temperature.  By Noon heavy snow was falling.  The snow has stopped now and the skies are clearing again.

The old line about Texas weather – “If you don’t like the weather just wait a minute” – is really true.

Just another pretty flower

January 6, 2011

Golden Gate Park Greenhouse

Photo of flower at the Golden Gate Park Greenhouse in San Francisco, September 2004.  Recorded on a technology called film.

New Year’s Eve 2010 at Our House

January 1, 2011
Abby and Lola watching Dr. Who on NYE

Abby & Lola watching Dr. Who

Last night was a typical NYE at our house.  We ate a good meal at a restaurant early in the evening.  This year we had Greek food at a great restaurant – Zikki’s.  After that we retired to the friendly confines of our house to watch Dick Clark’s show and the ball come down at Time’s Square.  Local TV broadcast a local celebration this year so no ball coming down.  So, we watched a Dr. Who episode we had just recorded with our new DVR on the HD TV we bought ourselves for Christmas.  Wow, our TV watching progressed about 10 years closer to the present technology this year!

As usual we did not make it to Midnight.  We retired sometime after 11PM.  Better luck next year making it to the witching hour.

2011 here we come!  My 3 goals:

  • Lose 30 pounds
  • Complete retirement planning
  • Start back going to Church regularly