That was the week that was – 2011.02.27

February 28, 2011

Exciting and long week this week.  Sunday night and winding down and getting re-charged for next week.

We are installing at 2 of our 3 operational locations this week and preparing to install at the 3rd.  We are also waiting on the Customer to turn us one to do some more development.  The combination makes work pretty high stress  right now.  Installations are at best uneventful and at worst fail and they send you home packing.  They are not sending us home but the installations have been a real roller coaster ride.  One day everything is sunshine and blue skies. The next day is gravel.  We had a lot of gravel days this week.  If I was younger I would be pretty bummed out but in 35+ years I have seen much worse and of course much better.  You have stay on the bright side of life in my business or you don’t last long

Wednesday night we had tickets to the Mavs/Jazz game. Deron Williams was traded Wednesday morning and we figured the Jazz would be out of sync for the game.  We were right. The Mavs won by 20 in a rare not close game.

Good News Week – We have been trying to sell our Camper since last August and have not received a bite.  We sold it this week to a young couple with children that wanted to move up to a bigger unit!!!!  Good things do happen.

We had the grandkids overnight Friday (C2). I picked them up from school at 5PM.  We ate at Carrabas – their favorite restaurant.  Campbell and Gwen made a German Chocolate cake for Sara’s birthday while Cale and I watched TV and vegged out.  They were up bright and early Saturday morning at 7AM so I crawled out of bed to make sure they did not get into too much trouble.  We had breakfast at the Club – another one of their favorites, ran some errands, and took them home.

Saturday night – Sara birthday dinner at Kenny’s Woodfire Grill with Sara and Mike.  Had drinks at Hoolihan’s before dinner and then off to Kenny’s.  This was our 1st itme their and we would definitely go back.  Gwen’s pork chop must have come off some monstrous breed of pig I do not know of.  It was the biggest pork chop I have ever seen.  Gwen says it was to die for.  I had a New York Strip which was also delectible.  Tip – don’t get a baked potato.  They taseted like they had been cooked in a microwave.  Everything else was top shelf!  And spending time with our youngest- Sara – and her husband – Mike – was very enjoyable.

Sunday was a re-charge day.  We slept in – 8AM. Had breakfast at Spoon’s in McKinney.  Gwen had the oatmeal and I had the yogurt, granola, and fruit.  Great place.  Then I worked in the garage, took Abby for a walk, and had lunch.  After lunch was the highlight of my day – 1st bike ride of the season.  I rode for 2 hours.  The ride was unusal to say the least because the wind was howling out of the South 30-35 mph.  When I was riding South going up the hills was easier than coming down because the hill blocked some of the wind.

Plan on spending the rest of the evening reading a good book or SyFy article.

Super Winter Storm 2011

February 5, 2011

The headline this week was supposed to be the Super Bowl however the weather trumped the Super Bowl hands down.  The week started out great.  We went to the Fort Worth Stock Show Rodeo on Sunday.  The weather was great for a January day in Texas – 65% and partly cloudy.  We toured the livestock pens, watched the animal handlers grooming their animals, toured the exhibits.

Preparing for the Show

Typically every rodeo show is sold out but fortunately we purchased our tickets several months ago and had really good seats.  The rodeo was lots of fun as usual. I will never understand why is fun about getting the crap shook out of you by a bull?

The Grand Parade - prelude to the real action

Monday was warm, windy, and humid.  A kind of gloom hung over all of us that day because we all heard the forecast for the rest of the week – ice and coldest weather in 20 years – and not recovering to normal until Friday.

Monday night we kept C2 because their parents were in Houston Monday and Tuesday on Business.  We had tickets to the Maverick game and the weather was not a problem so we took the kids to the game.  When we left the Maverick game last night at 10PM the temperature was 59%.

Tuesday morning when we woke up at 5:30AM the temperature was 28% and the rain was coming down.  An hour later the temperature had dropped to 21% and sleet was in its full furry.   Plano ISD cancelled classes with just about every other school and business in town.   So we played with C2for a good part of the morning.  Finally, took them over to their neighbor who has kids their age and went to work.

Roads were covered in ice but no one was out so we had no problems.  Meanwhile the temperature dropped all day.  Down to 10% Tuesday night

Wednesday morning. Day 2 of bitter cold here with ice still on all the roads.  Getting to work was no problem because everything but Raytheon and BCBS is still closed.  A major power generating station in Texas shut down with  problems so there are rolling brownouts across the state.  Bob reports he has had 3 brownouts at his house this morning. Raytheon is shutting down all non-essential equipment on orders fro Garland Power and Light.   Another 2 hour commute to get home – this is one of the worst part of the week – 2 hours to work and 2 hours home and all of it tense because the few people out driving are no better at driving on ice than I am.

Thursday morning.  Woke up this morning to 9% weather.  We have not been above freezing since 3 AM Tuesday morning.  Day 3 of super cold and ice in North Texas.  I am really getting tired of this and everyone seems somewhat depressed.  At least it cannot get any worse – at least that is what I thought.

Friday morning.  Woke up this morning to 6″ of snow.  We were supposed to get a “dusting”.  I am glad we did not get any serious snowfall.  Day 4 of Winter hell in Texas.  Driving to work today was so much fun with 6″ of new snow on top of ice I can’t begin to describe it.  On days like this I wish I was retired.  We have two installation in progress – One in Denver and the other in England and I have to be at work to support them.   Let’s rename this week to Snowmageddon – but that leaves out the ice and the cold!  Temperature is still below freezing all day.  I am worried that when we do thaw out the the pool pump and pipes will have damage and who knows about the outside faucets?  They are inset into the house but we do not have freezing temperatures that last this long.

Snow, sleet, and Ice - looking out our backyard

Saturday morning.  The Sun is shining today.  Oh happy day! Temperature is 12% this morning which is warmer than some days this week.  We got above freezing and Noon and everything is melting.  I feel a lot better but the jury is still out on the pool pump and the faucets.