2 Months 2 Vacations: #2 San Antonio

April 28, 2011

Wow!! – 2 vacations in 2 months is a 1st for me! I could get used to this.  Actually, the San Antonio vacation was really a long weekend – leave after work on Friday, Gwen fly home Monday night, and Marv drive home on Wednesday to babysit C2.

Mission San Jose - 1 of 5 Missions in San Antonio

We started out Friday after work by driving to Round Rock to spend the night free at the Springhill Suites courtesy of Gwen’s Marriot points.  We ate at a local joint, the Blue Oak Grill which was a converted Applebees.  It was kinda Cajun Food.  I would eat there again, but I would not drive to Round Rock just to eat there.

We woke up Saturday morning and discovered a blue northerner had blown in with temperature hovering around 43% and the wind out of the North t 30mph.  After breakfast (can’t remember what we are so it could not have been too good) we drove to Fredericksburg on the back roads, had lunch at The Brewery (German food but the beer is the highlight), and then spent some time window shopping.  Fredericksburg is a great weekend visit:

  •  It is a scenic drive to get there
  • It is not too expensive
  • It is a very relaxed atmosphere
  • It has lots of antic and knickknack shops
  • It has some good restaurants

After we were shopped out we drove to San Antonio, checked in at the Wyndham, and ate at La Fogota.

View from the Wyndham

The Wyndham is our timeshare.  Most places we stay with Wyndham are real nice but they always want to give you a wlecome visit which turns our to be a sales pitch to buy more timeshare.  At San Antonio they are real high pressure. I almost don’t want to go back because of them.

Sunday morning we ate a healthy breakfast in our room at the  Wyndham. Then, we  walked over to the Alamofor 175th anniversary ceremony of the fall of the Alamo (March 6).  It seems a strange think to celebrate – defeat.  However, for a real Texan a visit to the Alamo is a religious experience and on a major anniversary it is doubly so.

175th Anniversary Re-enactment

After the ceremony we ate lunch at Del Weiss Tip Top Diner. It is reported to be Tim Duncan’s favorite eating establishment which I do find hard to believe.  It is a mid-50s diner in not too good a neighborhood, but the down home cooking is delicious.  I think the only reason Gwen goes there is she knows I like the place.

After lunch we drove out to hike the  Government Canyon trails for 2.5 hours ( I love to hike). After rushing back to the timeshare to clean up we had a great dinner at Pasenos at the Quarry and topped off the evening at the movies – The Adjustment Bureau. Pasenos was great.

Monday morning and we ate breakfast at Mi Tierra – okay but if I did not go back I would still live forever,  Walked to Bank of America, got Gwen a new debit card, opened a savings account, and transferred a lot of our money into it.  We had a scare this weekend with her old debit card and therefore cancelled it.  We opened the savings account because if someone got access to our checking account right now there was a lot of money in it – not anymore.

For lunch we walked over to  Schilo’s German Deli.  I had reuben sandwich, cup of split pea soup, and a Spaten Optimator beer – delicious – would go back there in a New York Minute.  It is downtown on Commerce right next to the Rio Casa restaurant which is a river walk staple.

After lunch we packed Gwen’s things and spent the afternoon at the San Antonio Botanical Gardens – very peaceful place.  Put her on the airplane, put gas in the car, washed it, and then back at the hotel I ran through the King William district, tried to work on PHP, and had dinner – left over lamb shank and fruit.

I started out Tuesday by runing the new riverwalk an hour just past Pearl Brewery. Appears it may go or is planned to go to the Witte Museum.   Spent the rest of Tuesday chilling out.  I did venture out to take photos of the Missions.  I got to all five this trip and some great picture of some weird hay bale and iron scuptures — whoop.  Had dinner at Rosariosand back to the hotel to chill out.

Mission San Jose

Hay bale & Iron Sculpture

I got up birght and early Wednesday and drove home.

Best Restuarants: Pasenos at the Quarry.  Schilo’s German Deli.  Rosario’s

Best Event: Government Canyon.