The kids at Ayers Rock circa 1980

I came across some old photos of a camping trip we took to Ayers Rock with the Wilson’s in 1980.  Back then you could camp right next to the Rock.  Now days you camp 30 miles away.  My how things have changed.  Sara is standing up front in the photo below.  I suppose she is trying to tell me something.  Andy and Claudia are happily playing in the dirt.

Sara standing while Andy and Claudia play in the red dirt

Later in the day we climbed Ayers rock –except for Gwen and Sara.  Sara wanted to go but Gwen would not let her.  In the photo below we are resting after the climb and Claudia is sitting on the marker on the top of the Rock.

Claudia on top of the World

Actually the trip down is much scarier than the trip up.  Here is a photo of the view going down.  Watch out, don’t trip!  During the years we were there was at least one fatality a year at the Rock

The way down


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