Santa Fe Hot Dog Vendor

July 29, 2011

We always stop in Santa Fe on our yearly pilgrimage to Pagosa Springs Colorado to at least eat at Tomasita’s Santa Fe Mexican Restaurant.    While there we usually take a stroll around old downtown.  I took this photo of a couple of vendors setting up their hot dog stand on the square with a Canon Rebel T1i digital camera.

Hot Dog vendors setting up on a cool June morning in Santa Fe

20 days in a row over 100% in Fairview Texas and Counting

July 22, 2011

Friday, July 22 2011: 81% this morning in Fairview.  Yesterday was the 20th day in a row over 100% here!  100% is not abnormally hot here in Texas, but the 100% temperatures day in and day out wear you down. My plants in the garden are having the same problem. I fear some of them will not survive the Summer.

I have been watching the Tour de France every morning before work this month and the weather is strikingly different over there.  Yesterday snow was falling at the finish line several hours before the riders crossed the finish line.

The climate may not be warming, but, if not, why are the extremes of weather so much more pronounced than in the past?  IMHO there is no way 7 Billion people cannot affect the environment!