Sedwick School School Photo 1954

September 21, 2011

This is a photo of the entire school and teaching staff at my primary school  during my 3rd grade.  The school was Sedwick and was at the corner of US 67 and Burgess road in Mercer County, Illinois.

Sedwick School 1954


I am the 3rd from the front in the middle row.   My, how much simpler the World was then.  In 3rd grade we still had no inside bathroom and used an outhouse, no TV, a “party line” phone where everyone had a different ring, and we all took a bath every Saturday night from the same portable copper bathtub we hauled into the dining room.  The youngest always had to take the last bath and by then the water was pretty dirty and not too hot.  And Gwen wonders why I do not like to take a bath.

Leaves on a Purple Wall

September 17, 2011

I captured this leaf at the Red Hook Brewery in Seattle.  I think the colors are pretty cool.

Put on your shades Dude

Climate change – myth or reality

September 16, 2011

The high temperature Tuesday this week in McKinney was 107 which was a record September 13. We also reached 100 degrees 70 days so far this Summer which is another record. The old record was 69 in 1980. Luckily, we don’t live in Wichita Falls just a couple of hours Northwest of us.  They have reach at least 100 degrees 100 days to-date this year.

Furthermore, Texas had the hottest June, July, August of any state ever since they started keeping records.

Oh, how could I forget, Texas had the driest Summer on record this year also.

Don’t let the smoke get in your eyes, but Texas is burning.  Wild fires are everywhere fueled by the dry, hot weather.

From down here in Texas it appears  climate change is a reality! The icecaps are melting, New England is flooding,  and Texas is burning.