Grandparents Sports Day

What do we do when the parents are out of town and we have the grandchildren?  Why, we spend the day at sporting events! Well not quite all day, just football, soccer, and hockey.

I don’t have any football photos because the darn game was so early it was half time before I realized we were up watching a football game. But believe me the game was worth the effort.  Turned out to be the last game of the year.  It was a playoff game and we lost in overtime.  Of course we had two touchdowns called back because the referee was blind, deaf, and dumb.  But, he could play a mean pinball – his name was Tommy.


Now onto hockey.

No Ball shall pass me ever!

Its a bad hair day

Hers we all go up the field just one more time - Soccer is hard

Don't thread on Me

We lost the soccer game but not for the lack of trying.  We were really proud grandparents!

And now for a slight change of pace, a little ice hockey

Cale scores!!! gooooaaalll!

The Streak

Playing defense is easy sometimes!

We did win the hockey game big time!  Now home to rest for a few minutes before we go to bed.


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