Aggie/Longhorn Final Game?

Last night might have been the final game in the long storied history of Texas A&M/Texas football.  This was the 118th meeting of the two schools. The first meeting was in 1894.  Texas called the game off in 1911 for a couple of years because the Aggie players were too mean!!  A&M is leaving the Big 12 after this year for the SEC.  So another tradition bites the dust.  “They” say betrayed feelings over the Longhorn TV Network deal caused the rift.  We may never know the whole story but we do know A&M will be in the SEC next year and there will be no Turkey Day Aggie/Longhorn game!

For a re-cap of what the game meant: The only game in town.  USA today has a good summary of the game itself: USA today

We are ready to BTHOTU

Waiting for the Fighting Texas Aggie Marching Band

The Tubas come marching by in a blur!

Into Kyle Field we go - home of the 12th man

As usual the stadium if full, loud, and rowdy

Half Time: The Longhorn Band says thanks for the memories

Half Time: Fighting Texas Aggie Band in the famous block T A&M formation

Here is the token football photo since this was a football game.


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