My 2011

Better late than never I decided to publish my 2011 highlights and low low lights.  There weren’t many lows and none worth publishing.

  • Gwen beat breast cancer starting in April.  In her words it was a bump in the road.
  • Mavericks beat the Heat in 6 games in June to become the CHAMPIONS of the NBA.
  • We all survived the hottest Summer and the driest year on record in Dallas.
  • Installed GRM 683 at 3 locations which was a major achievement at work.
  • Attended my first ever Opera – Rigelleto – I was not impressed.
  • We bought a used 2007 MDX and gave away my 11 year old Xterra with 226K miles and a bad transmission.
  • Vacations:
    • Las Vegas – February
    • San Antonio – March
    • Marble Falls road trip with Mike Allen in April
    • Pagosa Springs in June
    • Seattle to visit Mike’s parents and then Victoria Canada in September
  • Tech
    • I started using Tumblr and Instragram on my way to social networking nirvana
    • Gwen became the owner of an iPad and I decided it is the greatest invention since sliced bread.
    • Steve Jobs passed away on October 5.
    • Installed a sling box and can now watch home TV from anywhere I get a wifi signal
  • 2011 goals
    • I lost 2 pounds.  I wanted to lose 20 but at least I did not gain any weight.
    • I blew away my goal of reading 12 books this year – did 24.
    • I had a goal to become a PHP expert but I blew that goal.
    • I achieved my goal of becoming VM knowledgeable.
    • We did make-over the hobby room at least in the sense we put up a lot of selves and free standing units to hold Gwen’s hobby material.

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