Why I voted for Romney in 2012

November 7, 2012

I have really struggled over whom to vote for this election.  Therefore, this weekend I decided to do an informal trade study. I first listed the issues most important to me.  The only criteria on the issues was there had to be 7 or less.  My theory was any issue below the 7 could not be important enough to influence my decision.  Then for each issue I listed the candidate most likely to work for a favorable (in my opinion) resolution to the issue:

  1. Environment – Obama
  2. Climate change – Obama
  3. Energy crisis – Obama
  4. Health care – Romney
  5. Economy – Romney
  6. Foreign affairs – too close to call
  7. Change is good (throw the bums out) Romney
  8. Immigration (had to add number 8 because of the tie) – Romney

Romney  wins the trade study and I live in Texas.  Therefore, I cast my vote for Romney. Why Texas you ask?  Because Texas is an uber-red state so my vote did not count anyway.  Therefore, if Obama wins I help push Romney’s popular vote higher and maybe, just maybe he wins the popular vote and loses the election.  Now that would send a real message to the bums in D.C. that we are really fed up!