Some days are diamonds, some days are gravel

There is an old John Denver song – Some Days are Diamonds and Some Days are Gravel.  Well my day Monday was both.  Summary: I took a bike ride. I rode into a truck. Now, I  hurt to breathe and sneezing is out of this world.  I don’t believe any ribs are broken. Other than that I have a few bumps and bruises.

I woke Monday  morning (April 29)  ready for a brand new week.  When you are on a 7 day weekend you like Monday’s as much as any other day of the week.

I decided to take a long bicycle ride.  The morning was perfect. The temperature was 57 degrees and there was no wind.  No wind in Texas Spring is as rare as the Cubs winning the World Series – so maybe this is the year.  I decided to ride the bike through East Allen and Lucas.  That area is mostly rural so no lights and very little traffic.  Up until 2 hours into the ride I was having the best ride of the year.  Then disaster struck! I turned onto a new street.  All of a sudden there was a pickup about 2 feet in front of me.  I just had time to start to say a very bad word but never finished it because I slammed into the truck doing probably 15 mph! Of course the bike and I bounced off the pickup. For the first few seconds I thought my jaw and ribs were broken and the wind was knocked out of my lungs so I could not breathe.

After a minute or so I could breathe again but my ribs hurt like nothing I’ve ever felt before and blood was spurting out of my chin.

I managed to get the bleeding to stop holding a handkerchief against the cut but my ribs were not getting any better.

Then I saw my bike.  It was in no shape to ride either.  The front wheel was bent and the handlebars were turned the wrong way.  By the way the pickup was parked when I hit it and did not have a scratch. I secretly believe the pickup jumped out from the curb and hit me.

It’s the day after now and I feel like a train ran over me.  Oh, well. This too shall pass.


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