College Football Season

September 5, 2013
The Corp Marching into the Game

The Corp Marching into the Game

It finally arrived: college football season!  Last Saturday, we traveled to College Station to watch the A&M/Rice match with 85,000 of our closest friends.  One word describes the game today: HOT! The game started at High Noon. The temperature at game time was  92 and there was not a trace of a cloud in the sky nor a hint of a breeze in the air.  The Sun beat down on us like a hammer on a nail!

The Ags were a 27 point favorite but that is not how the game played out. Rice scored first and an atmosphere of uncertainty enveloped the Aggie faithful. After all more than half of the defensive starters sat out the game for breaking team rules. Furthermore, Johnny Football was suspended the 1st half for “not knowing any better!”

The 1st half was murder. The Aggie defense gave up lots of yards willingly and the Sun beat down unmercifully.  The first half lasted forever. The Aggies squeaked  out a 28-21 half-time lead and we all felt lucky. The real score at the end of the 1st half: Sun 1, Texas A&M/Rice 0.

The second half turned out much cooler. The Aggie defense stiffened up. Johnny Football played until Coach Sumlin benched him for taunting the Rice defense! Best of all, clouds hid the Hot Sun for much of the second half!

The final score Texas A&M 52, Rice 31. However many of us believe the real winner was the Sun.