A day in Charleston

We recently took a quick January road trip from Texas to Charleston South Carolina.  On the way we stopped in Birmingham for the night. We found a great place to dine on the south side of the city – Tavern on the Summit.

Summerton Diner

Summerton Diner

The next morning we woke to hear the local schools were closed because of the 9 degree temperatures.  After coffee and bagels at a close by Panera’s we drove on to South Carolina.  We stayed in Santee, about an hour from Charleston, because our lodging was free there.  It’s mostly a Summer spot with lots of lakes in the area.  We did locate a great inexpensive dinner nearby in Summerton with the unique name Summerton Diner.  The menu is simple. There are two to four meals on the menu each containing vegetables and desert. My meal had four tasty vegetables.  Strangely enough I had never heard of any or them.

Ft. Sumter from the ferry

Ft. Sumter from the ferry

Ft. Sumter

Ft. Sumter

We arrived in Charleston early the next morning, visited Ft. Sumter, lunched at one of the seemingly 1000s of great restaurants in the city – Amen Street Fish and Rawbar, visited the old slave market, and shopped King Street.  My favorite shop was Bicycle Books.Alas, a used book store. Alas, the day ended too soon and we had to leave.

We were only in Charleston one day but I want to returnsoon. The Spring would be the right time when the flowers are blooming and before the temperatures are steamy. Charleston seemed to be a city I would enjoy exploring for a few weeks like San Francisco, Seattle, San Antonio, or New Orleans. Ft Sumter is a ferry ride away from downtown.  There are numerous other national historic sites in the neighborhood.  Beaches are nearby.  Old Charleston contains many fine restaurants based on reading the reviews.  The city overflows with ante-bellum architecture including numerous steeple crowned churches.  King street is a shopaholic’s heaven. Beaches are nearby. Furthermore Charleston lies within the South Carolina low country which is quite different than my Texas home base.

We stopped in Jackson Mississippi on the way home for the night.  Dinner was at Bravo! – not the chain – but Italian and good.  It’s tucked behind a small shopping area and hard to find but worth the effort to locate.

Good fishing!

Boat dock at our Condo in Santee


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