The Music I Like

June 12, 2014

Yesterday I listened to: Muddy Waters, Jack White, Building 529, Concert at Calico Flats, and Vivaldi.  It was a typical day.  What kind of music to I like?  Turns out just about anything that sounds good.  I even like some hip hop as long I can’t understand the words. 

A few years ago I sat down and wrote down my top ten favorite music list off the top of my head in under five minutes.  Every once in a while I go back and update it.  Here’s my current list updated this morning:

  1. Somewhere Over The Rainbow – Izzy – Youngest daughter’s wedding (tie)
  2. True Companion – Marc Cohn – Oldest daughter’s wedding (tie)
  3. Desolation Row – Bob Dylan – Turned me on to music as a message
  4. 9th Symphony – Beethoven – Turned me on to classical music
  5. Four Seasons – Vivaldi – I just love it – 1st time I heard is was driving State College to Baltimore and it made me forget all the stress, cares, and worries of work and life, mostly work
  6. The Perfect Country and Western Song – David Allen Coe – because it is the perfect county and western song
  7. Sounds of Silence – Simon and Garfunkel – this was the song I had to explain to Gwen when we were taking a class a TCJC and had to write a paper explaining it
  8. A Day in the Life – Beatles – revolutionary song on a revolutionary album (Dr. Pepper). You can’t have a top 10 without the Beatles
  9. Oceans by Hillsong UNITED. The part where she takes off and just makes noise.  Also Oceans by Pearl Jam is darn good.
  10. I’m a Man – Quicksilver Messenger Service – best guitars ever only  Jessica by The Almond Brothers comes close in my opinion. This version of I’m a Man is the best even better than the original by Bo Diddley

Footnote: No Blues in the list even though I currently listen toBlues more than any other genre. Seems strange, right now I can’t imagine removing any of the above from the list.