New Zealand Rumminations

February 18, 2016

New Zealand! Always wanted to go there. Shortly after moving to Australia in 1978 I heard about the legendary Milford Track and told myself: Self, someday you are going to walk the Milford Track. Well, this year Someday¬†came at least partially. We just returned from New Zealand and visiting Milford Sound. I usually wait until I’ve processed and published all my photos to post our trips but this time I wanted to post a few miscellaneous thoughts on the trip.

We trekked the South Island of New Zealand for a little over two weeks with friends. I’d visited the North Island in 1980 (A story for another day) so decided to forego it this time around.

The Journey and the Outdoors are the attractions on the South Island.

  • The scenery is magnificent; Thus the Journey!
  • Outdoor activities predominate things to do in Kiwi Land; Thus the Outdoors!

Our Itinerary:

  • Nelson is the sea.
  • Christcurch is recovering.
  • Franz Joseph is simply amazing – a glacier in a rainforest.
  • Queenstown is Mecca for young people or seems to be and is the capital of X-sports New Zealand style.
  • Milford Sound scenery is other Worldly.

Everywhere we traveled we met young people working their way around the World. From Brazil, Norway, Canada, USA, etc. Really enjoyed getting to know them.

Oh yes, if you love seafood you’ll love New Zealand. From whitebait to blue mussels to crayfish (lobster) to cod there is quite a variety. If you tire of seafood there is always lamb or red deer venison.

Another highlight of the trip: we used a travel agent and did not kill ourselves planning. We told here generally what we wanted to do and she handled all the details. Thus the trip went off glitch free.

I enjoyed our trip so much I’m considering relocating to the South Island of New Zealand if either Trump, Sanders, or Cruz win the election.

Last but not least – No U.S. Presidential debates or news to speak off.

Note: will publish photos later