Workflow iOS App

October 22, 2016

I installed the Workflow app on my iPhone last week. Since then I’ve created a half dozen apps already one of which I’m using to publish this post.

Workflow integrates IOS apps together using built-in actions using an easy-to-use drag and drop interface.

A couple of my favorite workflow are:

  • I keep a record of expenditures with a Workflow that scans a receipt, categorizes it, and sends to a Dropbox folder to be filed by another app on my computer
  • When I’m headed for home in the car I can send my wife a message telling her when to expect me with one click

Workflow can be configured to execute via:

  • Locks reenactment widgets (today widgets)
  • Action extensions
  • Home screen apps
  • From the Workflow app

However, Workflow” is not perfect. Every time I attempt to setup the “send mail” action Workflow aborts.

Overall I’d recommend Workflow if you have nerd like traits.